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Dog Health Care

dog-04 Dog Health Problems – Symptoms Of 4 Dog Diseases You Must Know

It’s important for every dog owner to recognize dog health problems and symptoms as your furry pal relies on you to be his or her “first responder” when they have a problem. You can tell when they aren’t feeling all that well but do you really know what to do? Listed below are the symptoms for some common dog health [...]

dog-08 Dog Dental Care Keeps Your Dog Healthy

Just as humans do, your dog may be in need of dog dental care. If your dog has typical bad doggie breath or if you notice a terrible smell when he breathes in your face, that may be a clue that your dog needs dental care. It has only been recently that pet owners have been concerned with their pet’s [...]

dog-09 Best Ways to Maintain Your Dogs Ears and Hearing

In the canine world there are all shapes and sizes of ears. Pricked ears, like that of the German Shepherd. Dropped or pendulum ears that hang down like Spaniels and Basset Hounds. Button ears have folds in them, and like dropped ears may need more care. Jack Russell Terriers have button ears. Hairy ears like Poodles and Schnauzers will sometimes [...]

Obedience Training

dog-25 Dog Obedience Training.Tips And Guides On Dog Obedience Training

As we said earlier, dog obedience training is only part of the equation. Read on and follow some helpfull tips. Always pick a dog that matches your lifestyle Many people choose dogs that are “cute” [...]

dog-28 Dog Obedience Training to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

As much as we love dogs, there are times when they can really drive us crazy. Usually this is simply because there are some behavior problems such as barking, begging, and destructiveness. For many, life [...]

dog-24 Bad Behavior Dog Obedience Training

Are you frustrated because your dog keeps exhibiting bad behavior that is embarrassing to you? Do you wonder why he always runs away when you go for a walk or jumps on people who come [...]